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What's special about Prospect property search?

At Prospect, we know the property market. Our team can offer you years of experience as well as an intelligent and intuitive approach to finding and negotiating on your property. There are three other key reasons why we're so well placed to help you buy your London or country property:

  1. As an independent organisation, we are not tied to any estate agency; nor do we sell any property ourselves. This allows us to act with the utmost integrity on your behalf. It also means that estate agents trust us since they know we are not competing with them. We only advise you to proceed with properties in which we have confidence and we will always be honest with you about any problems, should they arise – even to the extent of advising you against proceeding if we have reason to believe this is in your best interests.
  2. We stay a step ahead of the property market so you won't miss out on the best and most suitable homes or investments whilst you're busy at work or relaxing. When you have time to consider each property, we will be here to give honest advice and suggest alternatives if necessary. Our service is truly personal, serious and considered. It is as though we are spending our own money when we advise you how to spend yours.
  3. Unlike estate agents, we work on behalf of you, the buyer, not the seller. In fact, we also act as a valuable buffer between you and estate agents: thanks to Prospect, you won't have to take endless calls from estate agents about unsuitable properties – or reveal your financial details or personal circumstances to them.

Of course, we do all of this in the strictest confidence.

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Telephone: +44 7847 618 949


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