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Frequently asked questions about our property buying agency

Are you estate agents?

We are not estate agents, neither are we affiliated with any estate agencies. We act on behalf of buyers and tenants rather than vendors and landlords.

Couldn't I just use the Internet to find the properties you find?

You could find some of the same properties, but as a busy professional, you probably don't have the time to trawl through the internet and find the best match for your needs, let alone to go on countless viewings. What's more, property websites are often out of date and don't list the newest offerings.

A surprising number of owners choose not to advertise their properties on the internet or elsewhere. We enjoy a close relationship with those agents and vendors who sell their properties in a more discreet manner, enabling us to bring you more than just what is publicly advertised. This is often the case for London's most desirable properties.

In addition, we often hear about London properties just as they go on sale and well before the marketing process begins. This means that we could snap up a perfect property for you before the 'for sale' sign goes up.

Why should I use Prospect, rather than any other property search company?

We offer a truly personal service and place our relationship with you at the heart of our business. We listen to and respond to your needs and act in the strictest confidentiality, enabling you to trust us completely. As a team, we have the time, resources and shared expertise to stay one step ahead of the property market.

Why do you charge a retainer fee?

The quarterly retainer fee serves three main purposes. It covers our out-of-pocket costs and acts as a symbol of your commitment to buy a property. It also means that we have the confidence to turn away potential clients who may have requirements that overlap with yours.

Do estate agents reveal information to Prospect that they wouldn't share with me?

In many cases, yes! This is partly because our search consultants have close working relationships with the top estate agents and partly because the estate agents know that our clients, who pay a retainer, are committed to buying a property.

Do you ever represent two clients who want the same property?

No. We take a detailed brief at the start of each assignment, meaning that we can ensure that there are no initial clashes. Occasionally, a problem might arise if a client changes their brief part-way through the search. If this happens, and it looks as though we might have two clients competing for the same properties, we inform one that we can no longer act in their best interests and return any fees paid straightaway.

What happens if I decide not to purchase a property?

You can give us notice to terminate our agreement and stop paying the retainer fee.

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